ambiscreen for every screen

AmbiScreen box + 150 LEDs 5m long
adhesive WS2812b LED strip (30 LEDs per meter)
for digital and analog video sources

All in one device No need for any other component (splitter, converter, ...)
Resolution FullHD 1080p HDMI natively
or 4K2K downsampled (also possible any high resolution when viewed on TV with SCART output)

AmbiScreen can be used with 4K video sources as your video source device should detect highest possible resolution handled by AmbiScreen (HD) and automatically adjust/downsample it for all devices in your setup.
LEDs WS2812b 150 LEDs, 5 meters long, 30 LEDs/m, self-adhesive (EXTENDABLE)
Input & Output HDMI input & output for signal splitting RCA in & out, SCART over RCA, USB 2.0, LAN
Advanced features Built-in CEC
API for power users and developers
signal splitting: HDMI 1.3/1.4, HDCP 1.3, signal conversion, Hue bulbs ready (for now for power users, you need to know Hyperion and Linux to update config file, For Home users soon.)
Heart 1,2 GHz quad-core ARM CPU, low power consumption, Hyperion ambient lighting software, ultra-quiet ~18dB
Mobile App free OS independent browser based app for any device
Networking Wi-Fi, LAN
Built-in HDMI splitter module, HDMI to RCA converter module, video grabber module, LED controller
Dimensions tiny device 150x 150 x 30mm
Package contains Fully featured DIY lighting kit
(contains device, LEDs, power source)

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