We need your contribution to get our product to another level.
You will be part of special privilege beta tester group and we send you another device after beta testing phase **

We are making this to gather as much feedback as we can for this updated beta version - Beta testers are important for us to tweak devices before going live with new stable production line. We send you 3 short questionnaires how to improve product.

It is important to know, that as a beta tester you are pioneer and current device can have minor design imperfections and bugs which we need to identify. As a beta tester you will get the lates firmware updates as soonest as possible (before regular users).

Our promise - once we gather information from beta besters and improvements are implemented, you will have the latest newest stable release.

What you get:

  • 3 international returns included*
  • All international shipping covered*
  • Discounted price €299 179 EUR
  • All software updates for free
  • After release you get NEW device**

  • chance to use beta AmbiScreen device between first users
  • dedicated beta group email for reporting
  • access to special private zone for beta testers with information and updates
  • contributed purchase price will be used exclusively for further product improvements
  • auto discovery and pairing for Eye and WiFiLED in home wifi network mode and AP mode (access point)
  • better thermal management - whisper quiet active cooling
  • improved WiFiLED eeprom software

User friendly Plug'n'play
loves all content - native TV, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Apps, HDMI, game consoles, boxes, ...
Resolution Works with all video resolutions, 4K UHD HDR, ready for all higher resolutions
WiFi LEDs WS2812b 150 LEDs, 5 meters long, 30 LEDs/m, self-adhesive, built in WiFi
Advanced features WiFi LED strip can work also without AmbiScreen Eye unit.
Mobile App OS independent browser based app for any device; installable for offline use
AmbiScreen is camera based device.


AmbiScreen Box
early bird price €299 179 EUR



  Note: For perfect experience don't forget cables.


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You’ll be redirected to CSOB/Comgate bank payment processor website where you can pay with your credit card. All transactions are secure and encrypted. Any troubles with your payment? Write us at  get ( at ) ambiscreen.tv.

Conditions and terms:
"3 international returns included" and "All international shipping covered"
3 free international return shippings are valid for continental European Union member states only (except Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, Netherlands, Malta, Sweden). "International return shipping" and "All international shipping covered" means, that you send package in your country for local rate to carrier depot station in your country (this local cost is on you, we give you address of local depot) and the rest of international cost to our main service center is on us. Return shipping is for cases, when something is broken and we need to repair your device, then we repair it and send it back to you again for testing for free. These 3 returns are valid only if you cooperate with us and giving us regular feedback for 3 questionnaires. For these questionares we will send you online link to your email, from time to time, to get feedback from you. You must fill in questionnaire within 7 days. If you don't react on questionnaire, you loose 3 free international shippings. Three free international returns include one "After release you get NEW device" return.

"Discounted price"
For your discounted price you get better price than planned standard price.

"All software updates for free"
As a beta tester you get all software improvements and fixes for free.

"After release you get NEW device"
"we send you another device after beta testing phase"
If there is any change in design of hardware, you send us your old device and we give you updated device version for free. This is included as one of "3 international returns included". If there is just software update during beta testing phase, you simply update software in your device and your device will transform from beta to stable version with all new features - in this case you do not need to send it back to us.

Your whole paid amount will be used for product improvements. Cost of device we send you is 0 EUR (not for resale). By the way, device is computer vision (camera) based so generated colors are dependent on ambient light, sun, other lighting sources, reflections, etc.

- or -
if you leave us your email, we will inform you once production version of devices is in stock!
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